Darts and “One Button Games” site

Dartboard with dart in the bullseye.

One Button Games is a brand new web-site that hopes to bring a number of new one switch accessible games out for PC users.

First is Darts with some excellent features.

Controls are SPACE BAR or LEFT-CLICK for your main control for everything. Optionally, ESCAPE exits a game and from the menu quits completely.

Options include fullscreen or windowed options, sound on/off and a switch delay to try to help filter out “bounced” accidental presses.

You start with a speed option, Easiest, Medium or Hard. Next you can choose the game from:

501 (score 501 with as few darts as you can, exiting on a double, scored in the outer-ring).

Free play (practice or use to play any game you like, such as Killer and Cricket).

Round the Clock. Score from 1-20 then finish on a bullseye.

This could easily be set up on a laptop and played in a pub or club against people using the real thing.

The game is donation-ware. It’s free, but the author would appreciate a donation if you can afford it and enjoy the game. Download it from One Button Games.

Next up is a quiz game for one-switch, two-switch or keyboard access. They also take requests!

One Button Games logo of a retro joystick with single button in front of a grey rainbow.