Nuclear Reaction | Controls

Ever wanted to push the big red button? Then Nuclear Reaction is for you! Nuclear Reaction is a 1 button, up to 4 player, party game where you vie for world domination against your friends! 

Each player controls 1 of the four superpowers and your mission is to be the last one standing. The world will slowly rotate and as it does each player will build up ammo at a default speed. This ammo can be spent on whichever resource is currently showing in the centre: shields, aeroplane, or missile. 

You control the fire button! The game can start out slow, but soon gets quite chaotic with planes and missiles flying everywhere. Your planes will paint a part of the earth your colour, the more of the world that is your colour the faster your ammo replenishes. The missiles damage anything they hit including yourself! And the shields protect you from the missiles. 

All 3 functions are controlled by the same button and the game menu is also controlled by 1 button. Making for a true one button game. 

The game can only be played via local multiplayer, although playing it 1 player could be fun for cause and effect users.

Overall it is a simple, but fun game. There are no other settings or accessibility features other than the games simple 1 button design itself. 

Thank you and happy gaming!

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