Ninja Pizza Girl | Controls

Ninja Pizza Girl! A colourful platformer that follows the story of one plucky Pizza Ninja! The game itself has no ninja fighting; in fact you are a pizza delivery girl who makes her rounds by free-running across the city!

Slide, flip, and leap your way across the city in a race against time to deliver the pizza before it gets cold, but watch out for the other pizza ninjas!

The games story is based around the theme of bullying and whilst the severity of its themes can be adjusted in the settings menu; the theme may be sensitive for some players.

Ninja Pizza girl requires 2 buttons and a joystick (Left stick on a controller). The A button is jump, B is slide and roll, and the joystick controls your characters direction. You do have to hold those 2 buttons in order to extend your jump or slide.

The game can be controlled via keyboard, PC compatible controllers, such as Xbox Microsoft controller (including the Xbox Adaptive Controller with appropriate joysticks and switches). 

Ninja Pizza Girl comes with 2 simple options that drastically improve accessibility: the option to slow down the game, and to drastically extend the time you have to complete a level. 

You can also adjust these settings to make the game harder if desired. 

In the first video (at the top of this article) I finish a level I was familiar with and get a grade A. This was done with the games settings set to default. The video below showcases the same level with the assist settings turned on. 

 I started with significantly more time, and the game moves slow yet smooth. This is particularly good for players where reaction speed and timing may be an issue. 

Speaking of timings, there is no way to ‘die’ in Ninja Pizza Girl. If you miss your jump you will not fall off the level and have to restart. Instead you will always land on the ground and be able to carry on; the only difference being that your new route might be slower…or faster! You never know! 

After you have mastered the game at a comfortable speed, replaying the levels while gradually increasing the speed and time is a great way to keep the game fresh and challenge yourself! 

Have fun delivering those pizzas! 

Thank you and happy gaming!

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