PlayStation 4 Console Settings when Using a Titan Two

Close up of a Titan Two adapter with two USB cables plugged into the from and one out the back connected to a PS4 in the background.

The Titan Two is an adapter which lets you use alternative controllers on different platforms, along with many other things. For instance, if an Xbox controller (check the Titan Two website for compatibility) is more suitable for you, you could use the adapter to use your preferred controller on a PlayStation 4 console.

When using the adapter on certain consoles, it is important to create a wired connection for it to work reliably. To use a Titan Two on a PlayStation 4 you will need to Use USB Controller as the Communication Method. This post shows how to do this in the PlayStation 4 settings.

To get there go to Settings > Devices > Controllers > Communication Method > Use USB Cable

The screen shots below show this process:

PlayStation OS showing the main menu with the Settings icon highlighted.
1. Open Settings on the PlayStation 4 OS
PlayStation OS's Settings menu with Devices highlighted
2. Open Devices
PlayStation OS's Devices menu with Controllers highlighted
3. Select Controllers
PlayStation OS's Controllers menu with Communication Method highlighted
4. Select Communication Method
PlayStation OS's Communication Method menu with Use USB Cable highlighted and selected.
5. Select Use USB Cable
Video showing the process

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