OneSwitch XAC Mini Joystick

the analog sticki in small ba;lck plastic case of the XAC Mini Joystick pluuged into the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

The XAC Mini joystick from OneSwitch is a compatible joystick for the Xbox Adaptive Controller (XAC), a hub designed by Microsoft to allow you to create a customised controller setup (more info here). It is a standard controller style joystick housed in a case 65 x 65mm case with a depth of 28mm. It is available with the standard force of a controller analog stick or in a lighter strength version, which requires less force to move it.

Photo showing the back of an XAC with the XAC Mini Joystick's cable plugged ointo two sockets labelled X1 and Left Stick Click.

Rather than plug into one of the USB ports to connect to the XAC, you use the X1 3.5mm jack socket to use it to control the left joystick input or the X2 socket to use it as a right joystick input. The joystick also has a second connection to allow you to use the joystick click button (push down on the joystick to activate) and connect it to any button function via the XAC’s sockets.

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