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Here at SpecialEffect we are often asked for ways people can play using a standard controller
for single handed use In this video we are going to be looking at
how you play FIFA with an official PS4 controller for single handed use by remapping buttons
and sticks and by also adding external accessibility switches
We will be looking at right handed play, and then we’ll be looking at left handed play
So, lots of the people that we meet have already found ways to play by using their right hand
This can include reaching across to the left stick for player movement,
or perhaps by holding the controller up to their chin and using the left stick
with their chin and the right hand to press the buttons
This video will hopefully give you a few different ideas of ways that might be able to make gaming
a little bit easier So standard controls for FIFA are to use the
left stick for player movement and the face buttons for various passes and shots
To make it so you can use the right stick for player movement, we’re just going to
go back to the accessibility options Going down to Button Assignments, Customise
Button Assignments and then it’s just a case of swapping the sticks over
If you now just press confirm and the sticks should be swapped
So for right handed play, the face buttons are still acting as pass and shoot, R2 would
still be sprint, but we’re using the right stick for player movement
If reaching L1 is difficult to be able to switch player in FIFA, there are ways to set
this up to do it automatically So it’s just a case of going back into the
menu’s of the game, going over to the Customise settings and into Settings there’s Customise
Controls and there’s Auto Switching, which at the moment is automatically set to Air
Balls. We can move that across to Automatic. This would mean that you wouldn’t have
to press L1. If you’d still like to be able to use L1,
it might be that having external switches positioned somewhere where you can press them could help you to be able to do this
There are a whole range of different adapters
and switch interfaces that you can use to get external switches working with a games
console For this video we are going to be using a
Cross Hair adapter, Don Johnston Switch Interface and a Buddy Button working alongside a PlayStation
4 controller Here we are using an external switch which
we have mapped to act as L1, which is change player
You can set this button to act as any button that you may find difficult on the controller
So you can map more buttons to act as other controller functions, such as pass or shoot,
so you can leave your thumb on the stick
These can be placed where you might find easier to press
So now we will have a look at setting up FIFA for left handed play, by swapping over the buttons
So for left handed play, pressing the face buttons can be a bit difficult
So what you can do is map the face buttons over to the D-Pad
I’ll just show you how you can do this now in the accessibility settings. So it’s just
back to settings. Accessibility, Button Assignments and Customise Button Assignments
So we will map the face buttons over to the D-Pad like for like. So
up on the D-Pad will be Triangle. Down on the D-Pad will be X. Left will be square and
right will be circle. You can also map over L2 to R2, so that L2 will
become sprint. So now I’ve swapped the buttons over,
left stick is still player movement D-Pad is acting as pass and shoot and I can
use L2 for Sprint. If you wanted to keep the sprint button where
it is, so that you can continue to use L2, you could map this button to act as Sprint
Here we’re using is with the foot. So using the adapters and switch interfaces
you can try a variety of different controllers, button layouts and switches you can find the best set up
that works for you We hope this video has been helpful and please
do get in touch if there is something we can do to help. Thanks for watching.

In this video, SpecialEffect Occupation therapist Joe walks you through the remapping possibilities that an official PlayStation controller offers and reveals how adding accessibility switches could increase the level of control, when playing with a single hand.

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