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At SpecialEffect we are often to often asked to help people to optimize the access to video games
using a single hand on a standard controller.
There are two main ways we can do this one is by remapping the buttons and secondly it’s
by adding accessible switches.
In this video we are going to look at two ways of accessing racing titles on PlayStation 4
Firstly we’ll be using the left hand, then we’ll go over to the right hand.
So in racing games the typical controls you will need are left stick for your steering
and you need your left and right trigger, sometimes you need your bumpers.
And your face buttons can be for changing camera and to look out the back of the car.
But to do this one handed we can go to Accessibility Settings and change the buttons around.
Go into enable custom button assignments and from here we basically want to swap your left
and right trigger over.
And the within the game to give us the option to change our camera view.
The face buttons which are on the right of the controller, to bring them to the left.
I’m going to map them to the D-Pad.
So now I will be able to look out the rear view screen and I’ll be able to change the
camera and steer and do accelerate and brake all on the left side.
So that’s all my buttons reassigned.
Now we can go into the game.
So now this set up we’ve got is we’ve added a single switch.
And this is going to act as my brake.
So the controls I currently have: accelerate on the left trigger,
I have my camera change, my rear view
and I have my steer.
So if I press accelerate now you can watch my terrible steering!
If I want to brake I can just come off
The good thing about switches is they can just be positioned to any small movement you
have on your body.
Some people can use their head, some people can use their feet.
Some people use their fingers, their elbows, you name it we can probably put a switch there.
And now we will be looking at accessibility options for use with just the right hand.
So it’s actually possible to swap the sticks over so you can use your right hand on the
right analog stick for steering with driving games such as Project Cars.
To do this in the PlayStation menu, go to the Settings, and then to Accessibility
Scroll down to button assignments to Enable Button Assignments
And then select Customise Button Assignments.
Once selected, then select the right stick icon and make it left stick and then confirm it
The sticks functions will now be swapped.
So the left analog stick is now mapped to the right analog stick,
so you can just use this to move around.
To further control the buttons for hard to reach places you can add accessibility switches
to emulate these.
Here we added a switch to act as change view for your driving. As before we are using the Don Johnston Switch Interface
along with a Cross Hair adapter to get it working on the console and connect it with the controller But alternative interfaces are available.
You can try different button layouts and accessibility switches to find the best layout for you.
Thank you for watching this video, we hope it’s been informative and if you’ve got
any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with SpecialEffect.
Single Handed Racing Setup | PS4

We’re often asked to optimise access to video games using a single hand on a standard controller. There are two main ways we typically do this. One is by remapping the buttons and second is by adding accessible switches. In this video we’ll give an introduction on how to do this to access racing titles on PlayStation 4.

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