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First person games often require the use of either two analogue sticks, with one stick for player movement and the other stick for looking, or mouse and keyboard.
In this video we will be looking at using a walk forwards switch for First person games, which can be helpful if you find it difficult to use both of the analogue sticks on a standard controller. You can then use one stick for looking and turning around in game, and one switch to control forwards movement. You will always walk in the direction that you are facing using this control set up. Here we are using an XBOX One controller.
An ultra light switch has been attached to the controller. This switch is mapped to walk forwards.
In these console examples we are using the Cross Hair and Don Johnston. This will work
on PS3, PS4 XBOX 360 and XBOX One. Other switch interfaces and adaptors are available that
will get this set up working in a similar way.
You can use either stick for looking, by setting the controls to southpaw
Here we are using a PS4 controller, with the left stick for looking and the green ultra
light for walk forwards You can position the controller and switches
to wherever you find them most reliable and comfortable to use. Here we are playing Skyrim
with chin control for aiming, and a buddy button for walk forwards.
Other control inputs such as switches, voice controls or a second controller can be added
to enable you to have more controls, such as aim and shoot.
You can use a similar set up on a PC. A walk forwards button can be mapped within most
first person PC games. Using a Don Johnston, you can then position this to where you can press it. We are also using a sprint button here, which is useful for most first person shooters. We have mapped a walk forwards and a sprint button which we are using as foot switches. The same thing can be done using a sprint button on a console.
A Don Johnston emulates keyboard presses, so whether you can use it with a console controller on a PC game will depend on whether that particular game allows a keyboard and a controller to be used simultaneously. There are other switch interfaces and solutions that may work better for you if this is the case.

This video shows an example of using switches to enhance single handed gameplay using a standard controller on the Xbox One.

We will show how you can you can use a switch to walk forwards if accessing both sticks is difficult. We will be using a Cross Hair adapter as the console interface. First we look at a right hand setup, and then we look at a left hand setup.

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Video by Joe Morgan & Bill Donegan