TiX Tecnologia Assistiva – One Switch Games

Black background and column of coloured diamonds, each numbered for scoring. A yellow thick line falls from the top of the screen at 45 degree angles.

A batch of one-switch games, curated at TiX Technologia Assisstiva. Some may find them a challenge due to the timing required, but a challenge that could be fun. The website is in Portuguese, but some browsers (eg Chrome) offer a translation facility.

Arctic Pong: Slippery game of bouncing between two rubber bands, avoiding the Polar Bears. Requires fast taps and timing to play well.

Chef Jump: Jump to avoid flying chopping knives. Double-tap to jump higher. Fast taps and reactions needed most of the time.

Guns and Bottles: A lower pressure game. Bottles encircle your gun. Shoot them with your limited ammo. Requires accurate shots, but you can take as long as you like to fire.

Knife Smash: Throw your dagger at a rotating wheel filled with fruit (good) and weapons (bad – don’t hit them). As with Guns and Bottles, take as long as you like before pressing your button.

Perfect Fall: A basketball game based on Tower Bloxxx. Drop a ball into a hoop. Take as long as you like, but expect to miss a lot.

Zig-Zag line: Try to touch coloured diamonds the same as your line, and avoid all the others.

All play via left-click or touch. They also have some simple mouse games and an interesting accessibility controller. This “Teclado-mouse Inteligente” has nine main buttons with unique colour and symbol. This can be used as a mouse and as a fully fledged keyboard.