The Last of Us Part II | Motor Accessibility Options

The Last of Us Part II’s Motor Accessibility Options include Alternate Controls, Navigation and Traversal options, Combat Accessibility Options and a Preset.

By Joe and Bill

The Last of Us Part II (PEGI 18) is a third-person action-adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic world following a fungal infection outbreak. A sequel to 2013’s The Last of Us, you ‘experience the devastating physical and emotional consequences of Ellie’s vengeance as you embark on a relentless pursuit of those who’ve wronged her.’ Gameplay includes a mixture of stealth and face-to-face combat against both humans and ‘infected’ using both melee weapons and ranged weapons.

The game includes a wide range of accessibility features and options for Motor, Visual and Hearing accessibility which can be turned on at any point during the game, allowing players to experiment to find the right combination for them. 

In this post, we are going to look at the options related to motor accessibility such as those that affect combat accessibility, challenge difficulty and navigation/traversal. We will also look at the controls used for play, along with the alternate options available for these.

Information on Motor, Vision and Hearing accessibility can be found on the Last of Us Part II’s Accessibility page on the PlayStation website and an overview of the game can also be found on The Last of Us Part II section of the site.

Screenshot showing Ellie in a boat with the onscren prompt letting the player know that alternate boat controls are available in the accessibility options.
Alternate controls and accessibility options are promoted throughout the game.


We have grouped the range of available settings into the following sections across different pages on this post (click the titles to jump straight to a section). These are based on the different menus found within the game and in each section we will go through the options found within these menus which affect motor accessibility:

Motor Accessibility Preset (Page 2) With the wide range of individual options available, using the preset can be an approachable way for some to improve their access to the game, or act as a starting point for trying out some of the settings before customising them further in the individual settings available across the different menus. In this section we will go through the features that are changed by activating this preset such as Lock-On Aim, Auto Pick Up and Infinite Breath. We will also go into these more detail in the following sections where the different options are also available from.

Controls Menu (Page 3) Stick options, such as sensitivity and inversion/mirroring, can be adjusted to aid looking and/or aiming in-game. The Customise Controls screen can also be accessed from this menu, which allows you to remap controls, but we will look at this in the Alternate Controls menu section.

Controls List (Page 4) Whilst many controls in the game can be remapped to different inputs, here we will take a look at the default controls and go through the different actions used in different gameplay contexts.

Alternate Controls Menu (Page 5 & 6) In this section we look at the options offered for alternative controls, such as remapping options, control schemes (such as One Hand Only schemes), options for some interactions (such as holds, taps and presses) and some controls assistance options (such as aim and camera assists).

Challenge and Difficulty Menus (Page 7) In addition to choosing the overall challenge level of the game, you are able to alter individual settings for elements, such as resources (e.g. quantity and durability), enemies (e.g. speed and aggressiveness) and allies (e.g. aggressiveness and kill count). We will also go through some of the relevant Gameplay Modifiers, added in the ‘Grounded Update’ here.

Combat Accessibility Menu (Page 8) From this menu Player, Enemy and Ally settings can be altered, as well as other combat-related assists, including a slow-motion mode and an enhanced dodge option.

Navigation and Traversal Menu (Page 9) In this menu you can access optional assists that affect how you control the game, such as automatic inputs in certain sprint, jump or vaulting scenarios, can reduce or remove the controls required to complete certain actions or puzzles.

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