The Last of Us Part II | Motor Accessibility Options

Motor Accessibility Preset

The Presets are offered at initial start up or can be accessed at any point (Options > Accessibility > Press Square)

Accessibility presets for Vision, Hearing and Motor Accessibility are offered on first loading the game. They are also available from the Accessibility Menu (Options > Accessibility > Press Square (remappable)) at any time. Selecting one of these will change various corresponding settings across the various menus, to which additional individual settings can be turned on or off to customise the accessibility settings further.

Applying the Motor Accessibility Preset ‘Configures all the recommended settings designed for players with a physical or mobility disability.’

This enables some ‘recommended’ settings from the wide range of settings across the different accessibility and controls menus. We have recorded the descriptions made by the developer for each of the settings enabled, some of which we go into some more detail on in the following sections, as they also appear individually in different menus. The settings that are enabled by turning on the Motor Accessibility Preset are:

Lock-On Aim (Auto Target): ‘Automatically lock-on to enemy targets when aiming. Targets the centre of the enemy’s body by default. Use Right Stick to target the head or legs. If set to Auto-Target, you will lock onto the next enemy automatically even if they’re offscreen.’

Auto Weapon Swap (On): ‘Automatically swap to another holstered weapon when you run out of ammo.’

A screenshot showing Ellie picking items from a table.
Picking up items such as ammo and ingredients for crafting is a necessary part of gameplay. The Auto Pick Up option allows many of these to be picked up automatically when in close proximity to them.

Auto Pick Up (On): ‘Automatically picks up nearby ammo and ingredients.’ You will still need to manually pick up some items e.g. notes etc and open draws/cupboards.

Camera Assist (On): ‘Automatically Reorients the camera in the direction of your movement. Select Horizontal or Vertical to limit assistance to that axis. Designed for players who are new to action games or have difficulty using Left Stick and Right Stick simultaneously.’

Navigation Assistance (On): ‘Pressing L3 faces the camera in the direction of story progression, marking the path to follow.’

Traversal Assistance (On): ‘Enables simplified traversal input.’ These are:

‘-Press Cross (default input) to automatically perform certain difficult jumps.

-Automatically climb ledges and squeeze through small gaps.

-Automatically vault small obstacles while on the horse.

-Automatically sprint in certain encounters.’

*Update* The ‘Grounded Update’ released 13/08/20 added some new features, including the following additional assist when Travesal Assistance is turned ‘On’:

‘- Automatically jump at the peak of a rope swing when appropriate.’

Ledge Guard (On): ‘Guards against falling off ledges with additional audio and vibration feedback. Prevents you from falling from ledges that will kill you.’

Infinite Breath (On): ‘Enables infinite breath while swimming underwater.’

A screenshot of Ellie trying to release herself from the grasp of a clicker with a button prompt for Square onscreen.
Repeated button presses are changed to a Hold when the Motor Accessibility Preset is applied.

Repeated Button Presses (Hold): ‘Change the input method for repeated button press prompts. Tap (Default): Press the button repeatedly to progress. Hold: Hold the button to progress.’

Melee Combos (Hold): ‘Change the input method for performing a melee combo. Tap (default): Press Square repeatedly to melee combo. Hold: Hold Square repeatedly to melee combo.’

Weapon Sway (Off): ‘Reduces game speed when enabled. When set to Toggle use Left Touchpad Swipe to toggle slow motion.’

Skip Puzzle Option (On): ‘When in a puzzle, select Skip Puzzle from the pause menu to advance to the puzzle’s completion.’

Various Adjustments in the Combat Accessibility menu (On): This makes the following adjustments:

  • Hostages Don’t Escape (On): ‘Enemies grabbed by you will not break free while struggling.’
  • Allies Don’t Get Grabbed (On): ‘Allies will automatically escape when grabbed by enemies. This setting will not apply during certain combat encounters.’
  • Enemies Don’t Flank (On): ‘Enemies will not intentionally try to get behind your position.’
  • Enhanced Dodge (On): ‘Dodge is better at evading enemy attacks.’

As mentioned in the introduction to this section on the Motor Accessibility Preset, turning this preset on configures recommended settings across different menus, turning some options on or off from the default to aid access to the game. However, these changed settings can also be configured individually, as can additional settings not utilised under the preset. Read on through the following pages for more information on the additional options found across the menus.

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