The Last of Us Part II | Motor Accessibility Options

The above image showsNavigation and Traversal preset options when using the Motor Accessibility Preset. Each setting can be customised too however (Options
> Accessibility > Navigation and Traversal).

There are several options which can make navigating your way around the game and overcoming certain obstacles and hazards within the game environment less challenging. These can be found in the Navigation and Transversal menu. Below we will focus on the ones which we feel are most likely to impact accessibility from the perspective of motor accessibility. 

Navigation Assistance (Off/On) When turned ‘On’, ‘Pressing L3 faces the camera in the direction of story progression, marking the path to follow.’

With this option on, press L3 and the camera will face in the direction of story progression and will also mark the path to follow. This can be helpful if you are unsure about which direction you need to go next.

Traversal Assistance (Off/On) When turned ‘On’ this, “Enables simplified traversal input.

-Press Cross to automatically perform certain difficult jumps.

-Automatically climb ledges and squeeze through small gaps.

-Automatically vault small obstacles while on the horse.

-Automatically sprint in certain encounters.’

*Update* The ‘Grounded Update’ released 13/08/20 added some new features, including the following additional assist when Travesal Assistance is turned ‘On’:

‘- Automatically jump at the peak of a rope swing when appropriate.’

This option enables simplified transversal input. For example, you will be able to automatically climb ledges by walking into them. If you pause to hide behind a wall and then start pushing forwards to climb over it, you may find that you need to briefly pull backwards on the stick to take a step away and then push forwards to climb over the ledge. You can also squeeze through small gaps by walking into them, with no need to press the Cross button.

Ledge Guard (Off/On) When turned ‘On’, ‘Guards against falling off ledges with additional audio and vibration feedback. Prevents you from falling from ledges that will kill you.’

You will not be able to move your character to fall when at a height which will kill them. When stepping off lower ledges that will not kill your character, a warning vibration (controller with vibration enabled) and a sound will alert you, but if you continue to move in this direction, you will fall or drop from the ledge.

Screenshot showing Ellie swimming underwater with an onscreen prompt say Hold Cross to ascend.
The Infinite Breath option can be used whilst swimming underwater to allow more time before you need to ascend.

Infinite Breath (Off/On) When turned ‘On’ this, ‘Enables infinite breath while swimming underwater.’ 

When swimming underwater, your character will eventually run out of breath, causing them to drown if you are not able to return to the surface in time. Switching this option on results in your character having infinite breath when swimming underwater, meaning you can continue to swim constantly with no threat of your character drowning.

Skip Puzzle Option (Off/On) When turned ‘On’, ‘When in a puzzle, select Skip Puzzle from the pause menu to advance to the puzzle’s completion.’

This can be helpful if you are finding controlling any element of the puzzle to be difficult.

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