The Last of Us Part II | Motor Accessibility Options

Combat Accessibility Menu

The above shows the Combat Accessibility preset options when using the Motor
Accessibility Preset, but each setting can be custom set (Options > Accessibility >
Combat Accessibility).

The Last of Us Part II has multiple options that can help with making combat more accessible for players within the Combat Accessibility menu. Combat without these options enabled can be complex, with a variety of enemies offering unique challenges. You often will come across human and infected enemies within single encounters or a variety of different types of infected enemies at once.

On this page we will go through the various options. It is possible to have a mixture of these settings on, all of them on, or none of them on to create a preference which works best for you.  

To try any of these options you first have to switch on ‘Enable Combat Accessibility’ at the top of this menu.

Hostages Don’t Escape  (Off/On) When ‘On’, ‘Enemies grabbed by you will not break free while struggling.’ 

You are able to grab some enemies and take them hostage. You can potentially use human enemies as a human shield or can choose to stealth kill them; this is one way to kill enemies quietly with less chance of altering others. When you are holding en enemy they will often wrestle with you whilst being held and will escape after a while. With this option switched On, enemies will still struggle but will not be able to escape.

Allies Don’t Get Grabbed (Off/On) When ‘On’, ‘Allies will automatically escape when grabbed by enemies. This setting will not apply during certain combat encounters.’

Enemies Don’t Flank (Off/On) When ‘On’, ‘Enemies will not intentionally try to get behind your position.’ 

Human enemies who are aware of your position will work with their team to try and flank you so that they can attack from various positions. Switching this option on means that they will not intentionally try and get behind you to flank you. This can have quite a large impact in terms of how encounters play out.

Reduced Enemy Perception (Off/On) When ‘On’ this will ‘Reduce enemy perception in stealth. This setting is relative to the chosen difficulty.’

Enemies cannot see you as easily when you are in stealth. This option is also related to the difficulty setting that you are playing in.

Reduced Enemy Accuracy (Off/On) When ‘On’ this will ‘Reduce enemy accuracy when shooting. This setting is relative to the chosen difficulty.’ 

This option affects the human enemies’ accuracy when they are shooting at you. It is also related to the chosen difficulty setting, as in harder difficulty settings the enemies are generally less accurate. Although having this option on turned ‘On’ does affect their shooting accuracy, it does not appear to affect enemy accuracy when throwing explosives.

Enhanced Dodge (Off/On) When ‘On’, ‘Dodge with L1 is better at evading enemy attacks.’ 

An important part of close combat is dodging an enemy’s attack using a well-timed Press of L1 (default). With this option On, you can dodge attacks more easily by taking wider steps away from the enemy and the timing of the button press is less important.

The Invisible While Prone option can be used to increase the effectiveness of using the Prone

Invisible While Prone (Off/Limited/Unlimited) When set to Unlimited, ‘You are invisible to enemies while prone and not aiming. This setting is disabled during certain encounters where stealth is not an option. If set to Limited, the time limit will be based on the stealth difficulty settings.’

With this option On, you become invisible in stealth situations. If in prone whilst in the path of an enemy, this will not be able to see you. If someone sees you and you drop down to prone before they attack, you become invisible and they will not remember where you are. However, if they start attacking before you drop down to go prone, you will not become invisible.

Dogs will not be able to see or smell you, and clickers and other enemies that rely on sound will not be able to hear you,  but if they make physical contact with you, such as by bumping into you when they are walking around the area, then they will attack.

If you aim down sights at an enemy whilst in prone, you are no longer invisible. If you are seen but let go of aim down sights before the enemy starts to attack you, then they will lose sight of you. If they start attacking and you then let go of aim down sights, they will still be able to see you and will keep attacking you.

If you shoot and then stay in prone enemies can still find you, including Clickers, which rely on sound.

You cannot use this option is all situations, such as those that don’t allow for stealth, including boss battles.

You can choose to have the option set to ‘Limited’, which means you have a certain amount of time before you are no longer invisible. Going in and out of prone will restart the timer at any point. You can also have it set to ‘Unlimited’, which means you will never run out of time.

Weapon Sway (On/Off): When turned ‘Off’ this will disable camera sway while aiming weapons.

Screenshot showing Ellie aiming, whilst using the Slow Motion While Aiming option.
When set to While Aiming or Toggle, Slow Motion can be used to slow down gameplay to allow for more time to plan your next move.

Slow Motion (Off/While Aiming/Toggle): When ‘Toggle’ or ‘While Aiming’ is chosen, this, ‘Reduces game speed when enabled. When set to Toggle use Right Touchpad Swipe to toggle slow motion.’

This option reduces game speed. It can potentially make aiming easier, as your aiming is slowed down but so is all enemy movement. Your movement will also slow down, which means it will also take longer to reload or swap weapons.

You can have this option set to ‘While Aiming’, meaning that pressing and holding aim down sights will put you into slow motion. Letting go of aim down sights will make the game return to its standard speed.

You can also have it set to ‘Toggle’. Using the standard controls, swiping right on the Touchpad will switch slow motion on and swiping again will switch it off.

*Update* The ‘Grounded Update’ released 13/08/20 added some Gameplay Modifiers (found in the ‘Extras’ menu in the main or pause menu) which are unlocked using XP, including modifiers for ‘Slow Motion’ and ‘Bullet Speed Mode’. When Slow Motion is turned ‘On’ here, unlike in the option above, the game speed is reduced at all times to 50% and doesn’t need activating in-game. Bullet Speed Mode reduces game speed to 25%, but only whilst aiming (LT by default).More on the modifiers can be found on Page 7.

Some may find that options found in other menus may also aid thier control when in combat situations. Read information on the other options found in the different menus across the other pages of this post, such as found those in the Alternate Controls menu (page 6).

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