An Introduction to Voice Control

Voice control in games can be useful in a variety of ways. From someone using it as their sole control to those using it as a supplement controller.

1. The simplest voice control can be found in Sound Switches, such as the Shout Box that can plug straight into a switch accessible controller, such as a XAC.

2. On PC some people dive straight in with a utility such as GavPie or Voice Attack. The Voiced Gaming YouTube channel shows some very advanced use.

3. On PC and Consoles using a Titan Two adapter it’s possible to use this PC software to control console games (see our video at the top). The Game Control Mixer Titan Two allows for analogue control over games. For instance, “walk”, “jog”, “run”, “sprint” are all possible.

Delve into the short videos below to see more and get in touch for more help.

Microphone with Shoutbox and adapted Gamepad