Lightweight 8BitDo Lite SE Controller

Small purple flat gamepad rested on a table with a person pushing the controls. Wirelessly connected to a Nintendo Switch with a fishing game being played.

The Lite SE gamepad from 8BitDo is a lightweight low-pressure gamepad designed for use with the Nintendo Switch, PC and Android devices.

The thumbsticks and buttons all take less strength to activate compared with a conventional standard game controller. The sticks need about 25g of pressure and the buttons just a tiny bit more.

All of the main controls are available on the surface, so there is no need to reach around to the top for the normal shoulder buttons. Lightweight alterative buttons are also available for the stick-click buttons (labelled L3 and R3 here). The L2 and R2 buttons are digital (full on or off) in effect.

The controller is roughly 12 x 6.5cm. The distance from the stick to the furthest button is approximately 3.5cm. The buttons are about 7mm in diameter. 

The back of the controller has a grippy surface which holds the controller stable on some surfaces better than others. 

The controller has a ‘D’ Direct Input mode that is suitable for converting to Xbox or PlayStation use via a Titan One or Titan Two adapter using a suitable ‘script’. These scripts can boost the stick sensitivity further. Please contact us if you need help with this or follow those links.

Other lightweight controllers are available, such as those featured in our earlier post on modified standard gamepads:

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