Logitech G Adaptive Gaming Kit for Access Controller

Photo showing the box for the Logitech G Adaptive Gaming Kit for Access Controller next to an Access controller.

The Logitech G Adaptive Gaming Kit for Access Controller (shown above, right) has now been released in the UK. The kit is a peripheral for the PS5’s Access controller (shown above, left) – a customisable controller that includes an integrated analog stick and 10 buttons. It also includes four 3.5 mm ports that allow you to connect accessibility switches or compatible analog sticks, allowing players to position inputs where they are most accessible for them. The Logitech Gaming Kit includes a range of compatible buttons and triggers that can be used as accessibility switches and connected via these ports.

The kit follows Logitech G’s original Adaptive Gaming Kit, that was launched in 2019 as a peripheral for the Xbox Adaptive Controller. The difference between the two kits is the number of included buttons and boards, along with the console-specific variation of the included stickers.

Photo showing a close up of the 3.5mm ports with four connected switches.
Photo showing anAccess controller with one of each of the four Logitech G switches on the Logitech G board. the switches are connected to the Access controller and have stickers on them for Square, Triangle, L2 and R2.

The kit includes eight buttons and triggers in total, a rigid hook and loop board, stickers to label the switches, hook stickers for the rear of the switches to connect them to the board (or other receptive surfaces) and some hook and loop cable ties. 

Photo showing everything in the kit out of the box, including 8 switches, a sheet of hook stickers for the switches, a sheet of cable ties, two sheets of button label stickers and one board.

There are x2 ‘light touch buttons’ (actuation force: 59 g), x2 ‘small buttons’ (actuation force: 56 g), x2 ‘large buttons’ (actuation force: 101 g) and x2 ‘variable triggers’ (actuation force: 104 g).

The variable triggers allow you to apply a variable level of input for in-game actions such as Gas in a driving game. You can use one of the other Logitech G buttons for trigger inputs with the Access controller. However, as these are digital, they will be on/off, not variable, so will hold the trigger input down fully when pressed.

Photo showing a close up of the adaptive trigger switch attached to a Logitech G board with other switches blurred in the background.

The chosen switches, once connected to the Access controller, are mapped to the input you would like using the PlayStation 5’s Access controller ‘Profile Library’ software. You can map button or trigger inputs, such as Cross, R3, L2 etc. to one of the 3.5 mm inputs, labelled as E1, E2, E3 and E4, but not for analog stick directions (e.g. Up on Left Stick) or a directional swipe on the touchpad.

Photo close up of the profile creation screen showing the E1 mapped to R2, E2 mapped to Triangle, E3 mapped to L2 and E4 mapped to Square.

For more information on creating a profile for the Access controller, please see our recent video: https://gameaccess.info/playstation-5-access-controller-video-an-introductory-look/ 

An additional four 3.5 mm switch or compatible analog stick inputs can be added by purchasing and pairing another Access controller to be used alongside your primary Access controller. You can also pair a DualSense controller alongside one or two Access controllers if you are able to use some of the input on that alongside an Access controller, or want to play alongside another player cooperatively in-game.

If more 3.5 mm switch ports for digital buttons are needed, you could also purchase and use a switch-modified DualSense, such as those modified by Evil Controllers or OneSwitch, and pair it with one or two Access controllers.

Alternative 3.5 mm accessibility switches are also available, which are also compatible with the Access controller, such as those that are lighter to activate. For more information on these and information on using switches for playing video games more widely, please use the ‘Switches‘ category on the site. 

Finally, for more details on the Logitech G Adaptive Gaming Kit for Access Controller, please visit their store page.